Pathway teaching - Advanced Shamanic Training Course Galway

12/10/2018 to 15/10/2018
9:15am Friday - 5.30pm Monday
Oranmore, Galway
Melanie / 353(0)86 8525529
€ 1670 (see below)

The Advanced course is largely aimed at those who wish to heal themselves at a deeper level as well as healing others, and learning to heal houses and land through ceremony.

This training is 3 sets of 4 days in length and is only open to those with completed shamanic practitioners training. It is aimed at healing people at a deeper level including how to deal with the darker energies that can torment people through the ways of the sacred shamanic medicine. An additional main aspect of this course is designed to give you direct practical experience to empower you to do shamanic healing work of houses and land. It will take you to a deeper level allowing you to gain experience with the following:

  • Healing of houses and land through ceremony (lifting curses, healing memories and imprints, working from the blessing point, ceremony with the stone people).
  • Learning and refining the art of divining.
  • Removal and healing of geopathic stress (finding the lines and cracks and how to clear and heal them).
  • Spirit release for people, buildings and land.
  • Clearing and healing of other detrimental and unbalanced energies: removing imprints, memories and curses from people, houses and land.
  • Working with the fairies in the fairy forts.
  • What else Grey Elk (Paul) is guided to do.

This course will also include more advanced healing techniques such as further work with the healing techniques and  energy extractions. Journeying at a deeper level is also encouraged. Normally the first 2 sets are based in the workshop setting and the last set is where we go out to practice on land and houses.

The dates of the next course are:

12th to 15th October 2018 – Advanced shamanic training course 1 and 2. Galway

14th to 17th December 2018 – Advanced shamanic training course 3 and 4. Galway

8th to 11th February 2019 – Advanced shamanic training course 5 and 6. Galway

Cost for the Advanced Shamanism course €1670 made up of a non-refundable booking payment of €350 to book your place at least two weeks before the course (sooner confirms your place). Then €440 per 4 days for each of the 3 sets payable on the first morning of each weekend. Accommodation or lunch is not included.