The Mystic Program - Mindfulness based InterSpiritual Teacher Trainng

The Margaret Aylward Centre, Glasnevin, Dublin 11
John / 0866040988
€4800 (pay plans available)

This Professional Diploma explores the concept and practices of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation (Insight Meditation) through the lens of personal, psychological and spiritual development. The skills empower the student to be able to offer mindfulness and meditation sessions in a variety of contexts. The students’ knowledge is then enhanced by developing an interspiritual model of practice that shows how to put together different mindfulness and mediation practices depending on the philosophy, psychology or beliefs present. The design module takes students into the kitchen to explore how the practices are put together and what outcomes can be achieved using different ingredients. Teaching and facilitation skills are then added to give the student the confidence to offer the program as a course.

This international training program is ideal for anyone working in a profession that wants to use mindfulness and meditation-based practices in different contexts weather secular, psychological, spiritual or religious. It gives the
practitioner the knowledge, language, skills and tools to put together their own program and adapt it to whatever area they are working in. While it’s an excellent training it itself it would also be an excellent add-on for Chaplains, Teachers, Spiritual Directors, Counsellors, Social workers, Addiction workers.

Student Feedback:

To see more feedback from students please see interviews with Brigid, Anne, Trish, Regina, and Liam.


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