Mindfulness of the Body

31/05/2013 to 02/06/2013
Dunderry Park
046 9074455

When we take notice of how we are living our life we begin to recognise that we rarely inhabit the present moment, and that our mind is racing between past and future.

The result is that we tend to go through life as if we are being chased and, even when we have the time, we find it difficult to slow down.

When through the practice of mindfulness we begin to connect up with ourselves we come to the understanding that life is only experienced in the present moment and that by living exclusively through our plans and projects we are removing ourselves from the vitality that this moment can offer us.

Fortunately we have all the resources we need to come back to the present moment, namely our body and our breath. Unlike the mind which can flitter from place to place, the body is always in the present moment. As we connect more deeply with the body we will begin to experience not only our own aliveness but also the vivid nature of life that is immediately around us.

During this weekend we will explore through practice and theory the gentle art of mindfulness. The weekend will be a combination of mindfulness practices, talks, silence and sharing.

About the Facilitator
Mary O’Callaghan, MA (Jungian psychology), is an accredited psychotherapist who has also been exploring meditation practices for over thirty years. During this time she spent eight years living as a Buddhist nun and underwent intensive training in Eastern Philosophy and meditation practices. She integrates into her courses what she finds most helpful in eastern and western approaches.

Course costs €245 and covers tuition, all meals and accommodation. To book please call 046 9074455 or email [email protected]