Mindfully at Home in the Cosmos - one day course

Stella Maris, Howth, Co. Dublin
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Mindfully at Home in the Cosmos

The goal of this one day Mindfully at Home in the Cosmos workshop  is to open our hearts to the full reality of our lives as children and citizens of the Cosmos. We propose to come to this openness through:-

a) an increased awareness of ourselves through mindfulness, particularly through the practice of Loving Kindness, which brings us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our human society, the world, and the Cosmos.

b) a deeper personal appropriation of the significance of the New Cosmology which has revealed to us our kinship with each other and with every being that ever was. We are revealed to ourselves as truly ‘stardust,’ and discover that we (as well as everything else within the Cosmos) have emerged from the original outburst of energy that we call (familiarly and affectionately) the ‘Big Bang.’

Our reactions on Cosmology will draw upon the work of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Ilia Delio, and Judy Cannato, among others, and our mindfulness resources include the writings of Sharon Salzberg, Satish Kumar, Tich Nhat Hanh, and Francis Bennett .

Through the practice of mindfulness, we hope to move to a deeper sense of the unity of all being, and of our place within Being. In particular loving compassion will help us to deepen our wonder, joy and resilience as we discover the unity of all that is.

Finally, we hope that through the experience of the retreat we will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of what, through the ages, has been known as ‘God’ or ‘the Divine.’

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