Land Shamanism & Neo Tantra – Joe Mullally & Dawn Cartwright

11/10/2019 to 13/10/2019
7pm Fri – 3pm Sun
Dunderry Park, Co. Meath
Joe / 086 8156609
€375 (incl. Meals & accommodation )

Inspiring unique weekend - weaving shamanic practice and tantric technique - promoting deeper spiritual relationships with each other and with The Land.

Shamanic and tantric traditions of relationship and land are profoundly ancient ones. They speak to the soul and awaken the spirit in the original natural ways both people and place understand. They offer us deep insights into living from the heart, into love of the land and of life.

Love and the Land is a unique weekend teaching and weaving these ways.

A space of growth and awareness inspiring all your relationships and nourishing the very roots of your being

  • Open your true nature of heart even more - re-energize your life path and goals
  • Awaken new levels of insight and connection - learn new ways of healing with land and with place
  • Take time out for you - work play and share - rejuvenate create and explore
  • Share network join-up with like-minded people, uplifting inspiring the soul

"something in the land calling out to be seen and known within us

. . . basic, real, substantial . . .

a love that is wild, free and absolute"


€375 includes meals and accommodation (€100 required when booking with the remainder due at the start of the weekend)


Txt or call Joe: 086 8156609
Email: [email protected]

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