Kundalini Awakening Seminar In Newgrange Co Meath

29/03/2014 to 30/03/2014
9am - 5pm
Amelia / 086 0297676
€250 inc. 2 night's B&B and lunches
Kundalini is a very powerful and transforming energy located at the base of the spine within the last three vertebrae of the tailbone or coccyx extending to the perineum. Kundalini is a natural birth right to all people but must be sought and nurtured with a physical and spiritual practice. 
At the Kundalini Awakening Seminar we will discuss the symptoms of Kundalini awakening, however it is attained.We will discuss how it can feel and what the most common experiences one can expect from the activation through to the awakened stages. What can be seen, felt, and heard when this energy courses through the nervous  systems will be covered; and yet like all things human there will be differences in the experience as everyone is in their own unique stage of development. 
We will cover the spectrum of what can and does happen and what responses will be the most beneficial for the person experiencing such an event. Kundalini Awakening Seminars is positioned for assistance and guidance within the vast areas of the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of this energy. We promote a joyful and love based strength that will carry you FAR BEYOND your expectations and lead you to the beginning of your own personal ascension. Information and Techniques about how to raise and sustain a Kundalini activation into an awakening is our charter.
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