Initiation Journey to Sacred Cusco and Apu Ausangate, Peru

16/08/2019 to 30/08/2019
Cusco, Peru
Lisa / +353852234822

This is a 15 day initiation journey to connect with the indigenous shamanic traditions of the Q'eros in the Peruvian Andes. We will journey to the most sacred mountain, Apu Ausangate to receive an initiation karpay into the
Andean priest tradition of pampamissayuq.

Connect to the ancient wisdom of the indigenous Q’ero Nation, through the teachings of renowned Q’ero Priest Nicolas Pauccar Calcina, direct descendant from the Inca, the author of ‘The Language of a Q’ero’ and ‘The Last Mountain’, the film documentary ‘Humano’ and founder of the KawsayPacha school in Cusco, Peru.

We will visit stunning archeological sites from the time of the Incan Empire, connecting with the sacred energy and learning about the ways and traditions of the Incas and their people. Among the sites we will visit is Machu Picchu,
where you have the change to experience the magic of a citadel lost among the lush green forests for centuries.

Apu Ausangate is the most sacred mountain of the Q’ero people, where initiations are made and sacred ceremonies are performed. We will journey to this sacred place, connecting to the powerful energy of the mountain, and
allowing it to help us grow and become more connected to who we are, and to the earth.

Further information on itinerary and costs is available on request.

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