Increase Your Spiritual Intelligence and Improve Your Life

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€50 (bring own lunch)
“Spiritual Intelligence is the ability to behave with Wisdom and Compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (Equanimity) regardless of the situation.”
Cindy Wigglesworth
It reflects an increasingly stable connection to “something bigger than us” that translates into the world of behaviours, habits and attitudes.
For the first time we can talk about ‘spirituality’ linked to ‘skills’, ‘competence’ and ‘performance’.  Everyone needs wisdom and compassion to function effectively in today’s world. Now we have a tool to help us to develop these qualities.
Come and find out about it!
Answering the questions:
Is Spiritual Intelligence the same as Emotional Intelligence?
Ever considered that Spiritual Intelligence might be one of the doorways to authenticity?
Do you know the difference between your ego and your spirit?
Do you have a spiritual support system?
During the workshop you will:
  • Explore the SQ21 model.
  • Discover the difference between vertical learning and horizontal learning.
  • Identify your values hierarchy which drives your behaviour.
  • Write your ‘guiding question’ to lead you in tough times.
  • Be clear about the 9 steps we can take to shift from Ego to Higher Self.
  • Practice ‘reframing’ so you can respond instead of react.
  • Design your Spiritual Support System.