Healing Your Past Lives - Transpersonal Therapist Training

10am - 6pm
Dunderry Park, Co. Meath
Annette / 046 9074455
€95 (inc. lunch, tea / coffee, snacks)

Transpersonal Therapist Training Workshop :40 credits
April 7th 2019 10am - 6pm, €95 Lunch, teas, coffee, snacks included.

Many of us have a sense that we have lived before in other life times, our intuition tells us that much of our present life problems have their origins in situations that occurred in other incarnations. Spiritual teachings from various cultures state that we take birth many times in order for our souls to evolve into higher states of consciousness, clear karmic residues, resolve past life death imprints and find reconciliation in relationships with those we have unfinished business with.

On this workshop we will be using various methods such as:
- Past Life Regression Techniques
- Shamanic Journeying
- Active Imagination
- Visualisation and Guided Imagery
- Deep Memory Process
- Dreamwork

These Methods will help bring us through the 4 stages of Past Life Therapy ie:

  1. To thaw out the old, frozen feelings and release blocked energy.
  2. To bring negative thoughts and assumptions into consciousness in order recognised their origins, see that they no longer belong to our current life and them go so we can then replace them with more positive life affirming thoughts.
  3. To release pains or blocks held in the body.
  4. To replay the old story and bring about a resolution in the mind of the past life character.

This workshop counts as a module for The Transpersonal Therapist Training, with 40 credits awarded.
Facilitation by Martin Duffy. Jungian/Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher www.shamanismireland.com

For more information on this course or to Book a place on this workshop please contact us on: [email protected], 046 9074455 or text 086 2700116