Healing Art Synthesis Workshops 2019-20

03/10/2019 to 06/10/2019
Thurs 10am - Sun 4pm
Blanchville House, Dunbell, Madddoxtown Kilkenny
Marie / 0033-789548160
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Healing Art Synthesis Workshops 2019-20

‘Drawing water from our own well’

at Blanchville House, Kilkenny

With Marie Perret

3rd-6th October book by 6th July

5th-8th December book by 8th September

20th-23rd February 2020 book by 23rd November 2019


Wells connect the surface of the land with the water that emerges from deep within the earth and in psychological terms this symbolises the wisdom of the unconscious, the depth within that we can access and learn to nurture. These workshops provide a supportive space to move from an outward focus at the surface of our lives to an inward focus deep within the self. They offer space to reconnect with yourself, a time to explore your feelings and listen to your inner wisdom.

During the 4 days our work with meditation/body mindfulness practice, creative writing, teaching on creativity and group sharing help you relax. Daily intuitive painting sessions bring you into your own flow of colours and images that will provide insights and healing and your work will be as unique as you are. What is natural and beautiful within you will be expressed as you let go and allow your creativity to flow.

Our focus is on intuitive painting ‘art as meditation’ that draws us into the present moment and into the stillness that lies beyond thought, busyness and changing circumstances. Besides the inspiration and pleasure that colourful self-expression brings this approach increases the means to recognise and nourish stability, peace and joy in our daily lives. No previous experience or art training necessary.

The workshops encourage you to:

  • explore and deepen your connection to your creativity
  • find your own unique way of painting
  • move from limitation to greater awareness
  • explore and connect to depths of feeling and insight
  • feel the joy of spontaneous expression
  • recognise and appreciate your own qualities
Booking and payment schedule for Workshops:

Venue: Blanchville House, Dunbell, Madddoxtown Kilkenny.
Begin Thursdays at 10.00 am & end Sundays at 4.00 p.m.
Lunches: We provide delicious ‘as organic as possible’ lunches.
Cost €45 per workshop, payable in cash on the first day. You have access to a kitchen and a dining room. Breakfast and evening meals are self-catering.

Accommodation: Single rooms are available at Blanchville House or in one of the two Coach Houses at a very reasonable rate. For photos & more details visit my website. I reserve your room when you book the workshop.

Cost: €1080 for all 3 workshops = €360 per workshop, €750 for 2 workshops = €375 per workshop and €390 for one workshop. All art materials, photocopies, and refreshments in the pauses are included in the price.

3rd-6th October - book by 6th July
5th-8th December - book by 8th September
20th-23rd February - 2020 book by 23rd November 2019

Deposits reserve your place(s) in the workshop(s)
For 3 workshops the deposit is €540 / For 2 workshops the deposit is €375 / For 1 workshop deposit is €195

Send your inscription with the deposit to Marie c/o Judith Ashton, Shambala, Thomastown Co Kilkenny. If you prefer you can pay the fees directly into my account, I can send you details of how to do this. Once you have paid your deposit we reserve the right to retain the full fee, except in an emergency or unless someone else takes your place. Priority is given to people booking for more than one workshop. Advance bookings are necessary as the groups tend to fill up quickly, don’t wait too long if you want to come.

Marie Perret was born in England and lives in S.W.France. She is an artist and psychotherapist with many years experience working with meditation and spiritual healing. Inspired by her own experience with intuitive painting and by Jung’s approach to creativity she has explored the connection between creative expression, awareness and self-healing for the last 30 years. Her unique way of working with creativity helps people to discover an authentic self-expression and find purpose & happiness in their lives. She has been running workshops and training sessions in Ireland since 1998.