Healing the Absent Father Wound

10am - 4pm
The Fumbally Stables, Dublin 8
Maria Jésus / 00 353 86 866 45 08

If you have ever experienced an absent father growing up either physically, emotionally or in other ways then this workshop is for you.

The absent father wound expresses in many ways, where we can find it hard to be on time, to have healthy boundaries, to be in the world or to be seen, etc.

This wound will show up in the way we relate to men and all things male. We might find it difficult to create stable romantic relationships. We might feel trapped in a cycle of toxic, emotionally unabailble relationships or on the other hand unable to have any relationships at all.

This workshop will address these issues and empower participants to integrate and heal the absent father wound leading to a more able, safe, capable and in the world sense of self.