Galactic Recalibration workshop with Jerry Sargeant

09/02/2019 to 10/02/2019
3 Reuben Plaza, Rialto, Dublin 8
€333 / £295

Join Jerry and the Star Magic Team for an epic 3 days of self healing, DNA Activation, cellular re-calibration and planetary and ascension grid work. Delve deep into the heart of Star Magic as Jerry takes you on a powerful journey, sharing a number of 5D healing techniques that will elevate your frequency and bring your soul into alignment with your life purpose here on Planet Earth.

This new Star Magic workshop is for those human beings serious about personal transformation. We are at a crucial time and space on our evolutionary path as a species. So much is happening in the cosmos. The cosmic Fabric or the CNL (channelled network of light as Jerry refers to it) is recalibrating. The geometry of our universe is shifting and the relationship we have as people with our immediate and extended cosmic environment is changing constantly.

How do you feel in this moment about life? Maybe you will feel completely different tomorrow? Have you had that feeling? The feeling of constantly changing internal emotions and external reflection? Do you suddenly realise, in a heart beat, that today your outlook on life is worlds apart from how it was yesterday or last week? Or maybe you're only noticing small shifts  in perspective?

Either way you are on the right path. The path of ascension. Do you want answers to your questions and clarity on your life and purpose right now? This workshop will give you the answers and more.

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