Family Constellations Workshop - Autumn 2018 - with Brendan O'Brien in Cork

22/09/2018 to 23/09/2018
Mardyke House, Cork City
Brendan / 087-6599589
Brendan and Eileen O'Brien are integrative psychotherapists with more than 15 years experience and training in Family Constellations Work. 
Family Constellations Workshops are run over two days, and offer participants the opportunity to explore the hidden dynamics of their family system. Constellation work can help us find solutions to manage ourselves and our lives in a much more positive way.

As we do our best in our normal family life we come across difficulties that need our attention.​

A child gets angry or acts out inappropriately.
One family member is withdrawn or fearful for no apparent reason.
One child is in difficulty while other children appear to thrive.

We find ourselves wondering what is really going on.​

I can’t talk to my mother.
One of my children can’t live life fully.
My daughter tries to fix us all of the time.
My Dad seems to think I’m his mother.
I shout a lot.

Each story is different. When we do a constellation we can often see where the real difficulty lies.


Full details of this and forthcoming workshops on our website.

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