Family Constellation Facilitator Training

09/03/2019 to 06/07/2019
10:30am - 5:30pm
Greystones, Co. Wicklow

Family Constellation Facilitator Training : Foundations
March - July 2019
1 Saturday a month
Dates: 9 March, 6 April, 11 May, 8 June, 6 July 2019
Location: Greystones, Co. Wicklow
Facilitated by: Julie Williams

Learn the principles of Hellinger Family Constellation work from the facilitator's perspective through lecture, demonstration, practice and supervision.

Family Constellation work uncovers and releases unconscious ancestral entanglements that affect all aspects of health and wellbeing. By working with facts, rather than story, the dynamics of how love flows (or not) through the Family Soul can be worked with to release sufferings carried for past generations. By bringing full honor and respect to those who came before us, and re-including anyone who was excluded, we allow for healing at the deepest soul level, resulting in sacred and profound transformations allowing for life to be embraced fully.

The course includes:
5 full days training, a certificate of completion, course materials and one family constellation practice board per participant

This training is suitable for:
~ Therapists seeking a new way to work with clients
~ Those wanting to become a Family Constellation facilitator
~ Practitioners wishing to integrate Family Constellations into their work
~ Those seeking to deepen their personal growth process
~ Anyone wishing to understand the truth behind family soul dynamics and the true nature of love

The Course will Cover::
+ Learn specific ways to recognize & work with entanglements
+ Experience and practice the basic FC movements (e.g. Big/Little, Interrupted Reaching Out, Victim/Perpetrator)
+ Learn different constellation formats and how to apply them (e.g. traditional, issue, options, business, double blind, nature)
+ Understand the main kinds of dynamics behind entanglements
+ Learn to navigate the field and develop intuitive abilities
+ Learn words and phrases to release entanglements
+ Learn how to apply the group format to a 1:1 practice
+ Experience demonstrations of the work
+ Apply learning through group and individual exercises
+ Everyone who attends will have ample opportunity to have a constellation done.

Foundations: €650 (€130 per day)
€595 Early Bird paid in full by 31 January 2019
*payment plans available

About the Facilitator:
Julie Williams, Holistic Therapist & Family Constellation Facilitator. Julie holds a degree in Biological Sciences together with extensive trainings in Holistic Therapies including Hellinger Family Constellation Work, NLP, Shamanism, Energy & Space Clearing, Neuromuscular Massage and Traditional Tantra Yoga. She has trained with the leaders in the field of Family Constellation work including Bert Hellinger, Bertolt Ulster, Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Sophie Hellinger, Guntard Weber at the Hellinger Institutes of California, and Washington DC. She brings together her love for science with the sacred healing arts for a powerful combination and heart based approach.

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Space is limited to ensure individual attention.

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