Family Constellation 5 Day Retreat

18/07/2019 to 22/07/2019
Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow
Julie / 087 258 8385

July 18 - 22, 2019
Family Constellation : Ancestral Soul Healing
Summer Holistic Retreat in Glenmalure, Co. Wicklow

Make the most of your summer holiday and join me in the mountains of Ireland in the extraordinary Glenmalure Valley, home to the Wicklow Way hiking trails and beautiful Avonbeg River. This will be a 5 day residential retreat where you will learn about and work all the main moments of the family soul, that will result in a deep transformation into a more vibrant and abundant life.

Movement of the Family Soul Modules:
The Ancestral Soul Field
Orders of Love
Big / Little Dynamic
Masculine / Feminine
Interrupted Reaching Out
Victim / Perpetrator / Rescuer

Together we will explore the hidden family dynamics that are keeping you from reaching your full potential in all areas of life (health, relationships, career, financial, etc.) We will do this is a beautifully supportive, nourishing and healing environment nestled in the Wicklow Mountains. By working with the main movements of the ancestral family soul together with spiritual practices, you will be supported to release the entanglements that keep suffering intact, and flow gracefully into embracing all the abundance that life has to offer.

Family Constellation work is a powerful ancestral healing format that allows for the exploration and release of hidden entanglements that affect all levels of being. Just as we inherit our DNA from our ancestors, we also inherit emotional, financial, mental and energetic states entangled with the suffering of those who have come before us. We do this out of deep subconscious love and belonging that ultimately becomes a survival instinct. The Family Constellation format allows for working with the facts, rather than story, to uncover these deep hidden entanglements linking us to our ancestral past. Through the use of words, movements, and a deep holding of respect and honor for the generations past, we are able to restore broken connections, re-include forgotten family members, and restore balance and order to the Family Soul. When this happens, we allow love to unite the family, rather than loyalties to suffering. From this place we are free to embrace life and bloom into the truth of ourselves with full health, wealth, and well-being. More...

The week's activities will consist of 2 Family Constellation sessions per day, daily yoga/meditation sessions, sound healing, cacao ceremony, kirtan flower mandala meditation.

We will feast on fresh and consciously prepared vegetarian food from locally sourced, in-season ingredients. All meals are provided from Thursday breakfast to Monday lunch. We will stay together at the wilderness lodge and work in the beautiful workshop space.

Everyone who attends will have their constellation done

This will be a week of learning, personal growth, spiritual purification and deep soul transformation.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion for training hours

The Glenmalure Valley is one of Co. Wicklow's best locations for hill walking, retreats and ceremonies. It is about an hour's drive from Dublin and is also easily accessible by public transport (train & taxi).

Dates: The week begins at 10:30 AM on Thursday July 18, 2019 and ends at 4 PM on Monday July 22, 2019.

Retreat Includes: 4 Nights Lodging (Thurs - Sun nights), 5 days breakfast & lunch (Thurs - Mon), 4 nights dinner, (Thurs - Sun), 2 workshop training sessions per day, morning yoga, sound healing, sacred cacao ceremony, kirtan flower mandala meditation and a certificate of completion. Alls activites are included and are included to assist you in harmonizing and integrating the work.

Investment: Single room: €675, 2 Person Shared Room (twin beds): €595, €495: 4 Person Shared Room, €395 Non-Residential

Location: Wilderness Lodge, Carriglinneen, Glenmalure Valley, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Nearest airport is Dublin (DUB).

To Register:
Call/text 087 258 8385
Email [email protected]

Facilitated By:

Julie Williams, Consciousness Medicine Practitioner and Family Constellation Facilitator. Julie holds a degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics together with extensive training in holistic therapies including Hellinger Family constellation Work, NLP, Shamanism, Chakra Balancing, Energy & Space Clearing, Massage, Ayurvedic Yoga and Intuitive Arts. She has been facilitating Family Constellations worldwide since 2005, having studied with the masters in the field including Bert Hellinger and those who trained directly by him.

This training is suitable for:

  • Those seeking to deepen their personal growth process
  • Anyone wanting to understand Family Constellation work better
  • Those wanting to become a Family Constellation facilitator
  • Practitioners wanting to learn new ways to work with clients
  • Facilitators wanting to deepen their knowledge and acquire advanced skills

All experience levels welcome!


"I must say that not a day goes by that I truly appreciate the deep transformation that took place in your retreat. I can see and appreciate how much I changed in my daily actions and the interactions as well as thinking about others and understanding them. This has positively reflected immediately on my family creating a beautiful deeper level of understanding and harmony. I can now savor the depth of a new relationship with my daughter and wife on a daily basis"
~ Giacomo Galtarossa, 5 Day Family Constellation Bali Retreat Participant

"I came away with more self-confidence and an ability to draw boundaries a bit more and also in general I just love my life instead of desperately searching for someone to love me"
~ Joy Chen, 5 Day Family Constellation Bali Retreat Participant

“I loved the yoga classes. They really encouraged me to be kind and gentle with myself, and I felt so focused and calm at the end, so Thank you Julie! As for the evening activities, well words aren't enough to express my awe and gratitude. They really were the icing on the cake and more!!”
~ Edel Bennett, Masters Student, Weekend and 5 Day Retreat participant