Certificate Course In Jungian Studies

10.30am - 5pm
Buswells Hotel, Molesworth Street, Dublin
Sinéad / 085 7610354
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When the Jung Centre was founded in 1990 the principal aim was, and continues to be, the running of a Certificate Course in Jungian Studies and more recently a Diploma in Consciousness.

The Certificate Course is the only Jungian course in Ireland to cover all areas of Jung's endeavors and gives the study of dreams and dream symbols a pivotal place which is essential for self-development.

Jung studied and wrote copiously  (18 volumes and as many seminars and courses) which can make it difficult to get to grips with the essence of his work. The Jung Centre has been constantly innovating the syllabus throughout it's 25-year history to include evolutionary biology, ethology and consciousness studies. the course is carefully structured, logical in it's approach to study and plain speaking. As such it will bring clarity to the working of the psyche and everyday living.

Programme includes foundation lectures on the interpretation of dreams, basic principles of Jungian Psychology, Jung’s structure of the psyche, the Objective Psyche, Manifestation of the Unconscious in Consciousness, Synchronicity, Personality Types and a Types Test, the Inferior Function, Symbols, Archetypes, the Shadow, Projections, the Mother and the Unconscious, the Great Mother, Complexes, Mother Complex, Father Complex, Puer Aeternus, Narcissism, Transference and Countertransference, The Anima and Animus, Hysterical Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Alchemy, Winnicott and Object Relations, Fairytales, Mythology, images of the Self, Answer to Job, The Holy Grail, Hermes, Cupid and Psyche, the Self, Individuation and analytical technique.

Course Structure

The course follows a line of exploration from the outer to the inner (from the ego to the Self) . We begin by looking at the ego and it's orientation , moving via the shadow, to the level of the personal unconscious. Behind the personal, lies the collective unconscious, the psychic experience that is shared by all. This involves the study of symbols, psychic energy, instincts and Archetypes, in addition to personality disorders, mythology, religion and philosophy. All of which are put in the context of dream analysis - the "Royal road to the unconscious".

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