Celtic Visions: Seership, Omens and Divination from Nature - a workshop with Caitlin Matthews

16/02/2018 to 18/02/2018
Dunderry Park, Robinstown, Co. Meath
Ger Moane / Cait Brannigan / Eilis Stanley
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Celtic Visions: Seership, Omens and Divination from Nature - with Caitlín Matthews

'Once the intent and search for an answer has begun, nature becomes charged with meaning and is a book that we can always read.' (Caitlín Matthews)

This course explores the realm of Celtic seership, divination and vision that was once the preserve of the druidic seers of the Celtic world who used subtle perception to reveal nature's truth and the soul’s knowledge. Caitlín has made a special study of the oracular and sacred traditions, finding simple, practical ways by which these methods can illuminate the present moment. Participants will learn how to read the omens of the natural world and use traditional methods, including 'the Three Illuminations' - ancient Irish modes of oracular divination by incantation, resonance and shamanic incubation - and 'the Augury of Brighid' which was employed by the ancestral freers of Gaelic Scotland. There will be opportunities to give and receive oracles and auguries, by means of the dha shealladh or 'the two seeings' and by other traditional methods.

February 16-18, 2018, Dunderry Park
Cost Residential Weekend, meals and board included: €290
Early Bird (Book by August 31 2017): €270
Email the organisers Ger Moane, Cait Brannigan, Eilis Stanley at: [email protected] for more information
This course is open to all.

‘There are three candles that illuminate every darkness: Truth, Nature and Knowledge.’ -ancient Irish triad

Caitlín Matthews is acknowledged as an authority on Celtic wisdom and the ancestral shamanic traditions of Britain and Ireland. Born of British and Irish parents, she has explored the ancestral heritage of these beautiful islands, finding practical ways that help us maintain our respect for the land and forebears. Caitlín is the author of over 70 books, including Singing the Soul Back Home, The Psychic Protection Handbook, and Celtic Visions. She is co-author, with John Matthews, of Walkers Between the Worlds and the Complete King Arthur. She is co-founder of The Foundation for Inspirational and Oracular Studies, which is dedicated to the sacred arts. Their FíOS shamanic training programme teaches students the healing arts as well as hosting masterclasses with exemplars of living sacred traditions. Caitlín has a shamanic practice dedicated to healing soul sickness and ancestral fragmentation. She lives in Oxford.

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