Bioresonance Training - Autumn / Winter training

22/09/2019 to 23/09/2019
Maldron Hotel, Tallaght, Dublin
Matthias / +49-201-320 349 40
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Bioresonance is a Gentle Form of Medicine Without Harmful Side-Effects. It is a biophysical diagnostic and therapeutic procedure. It is based on the realisation that every cell in the body as well as every substance (e.g. allergens, viruses, bacteria, etc.) displays certain frequency patterns. Because the biophysical element has a superordinate role and controls the biochemical component, bioresonance works at a causal level deeper than treating symptoms. It is particularly suited to the treatment of allergies and chronic disorders. Bioresonance is suitable for both humans and animals. is a private and independent training institution, led by Matthias Jacob and Ruediger Grabosch. We are offering training for naturopaths, medical doctors, therapists and veterinarians in the U.K. and Ireland in the field of naturopathy, with the main focus on Bioresonance Therapy and related subjects. Our seminars are held in different places in the U.K and Ireland.


Introductory seminar on BICOM Bioresonance Therapy
Dublin, 22 - 23 September 2019 (2 days)

Prerequisite: This training is designed for holistic health practitioners, medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other therapists, as well as students and trainees who are in vocational training in order to practice one of these professions.

Seminar content: The 2 days introductory seminar provides a detailed overview of the principles and mode of operation of Bioresonance as well as the indications for this form of therapy. In addition attendees will have the opportunity to practically work with the Bicom device. Subjects covered include naturopathic principles as an important foundation of Bioresonance Therapy, basic therapy and indication-related therapy. Introduction to Kinesiology testing. Many practical exercises are included as part of this intense seminar, allowing you to successfully integrate the principles into your daily routine. This seminar offers new horizons for therapy and also builds a bridge towards a better understanding of naturopathy and regulatory medicine.


Seminar on the Therapy Systematic according to Sissi Karz
Dublin, 25 - 28 September 2019 (3 1/2 days)

Prerequisites: Participation in introductory seminar or similar knowledge.

Seminar content: In this seminar you will learn to develop a specific diagnostic and therapeutic system, to set priorities in the treatment plan and how to identify and address therapy blocks. Subjects taught include: Bioenergetic testing: Electro Acupuncture, Kinesiology and Pulse Testing * Testing of priorities for the treatment plan * Systematics of the course of treatment, including test methods and benefits coming from combining them. Treatment of acute focus * electrosmog / geopathic stress * scar interference fields * TMJ / hyoid bone treatment * treatment of immune system and nervous system * pituitary treatment *treatment of nutritional points acc. to Sissi Karz, including finding the exact location of each one of them * tissue points * metabolism control programs.


Seminar on the BICOM Connected Test Technique
Dublin, 30 September - 01 October 2019 (1 1/2 days)

Prerequisite: Participation in introductory seminar and one more seminar, or similar knowledge.

Seminar goals: In this seminar you will learn the confident use of the test kits of the BICOM Combined Test Technique (CTT). You will gain an understanding of the underlying therapy systematics, thus being able to perform a profound and reliable diagnosis as well as a causal and in-depth treatment. Subjects taught include: how to use the BICOM CTT Test Kits for diagnosis and therapy * quick finding and treatment of central allergens and background stressors in allergic patients * how to find and treat stressors such as fungus, bacteria and viruses * how to find and treat vaccination stresses * uncovering and treatment of stresses through different environmental toxins * uncovering and treatment of therapy blocks * stabilizing therapy according to 5 element theory * which therapy steps can be combined, thereby
saving time * many practical exercises.


Seminar on Helpful Therapies for Cancer Patients
Dublin, 2 October 2019 (1 day)

Prerequisite: Participation in introductory seminar and two more seminars.

Seminar goals: Understanding the background of tumor events and consistent treatment in order to clarify and sort out causes and effects as far as possible and to stabilize the body as a supplement to the conservative medical treatment measures. Subjects taught include: diagnostic measurements * basic therapies * shock treatment * procedure without operation * procedure after operation * procedure during radiotherapy * procedure during chemotherapy.

In this seminar we will present the protocols developed by Sissi Karz for tumor treatment. These protocols are about working with the BICOM programs, using bodily substances, which contain all information
necessary for our treatment. The training module will not only help you to better be able to help your cancer patients while they receive oncological treatment. It will also give you an understanding and
practical experiences of shock therapy, which is useful in case of any acute stress reactions and post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD).


About the lecturers:

Matthias Jacob and Rüdiger Grabosch have been training English speaking Bioresonance therapists since 2011.

They both completed their training as naturopaths in Germany in 2005 and have been working in their own clinic since then. Both therapists have trained extensively in different therapy methods, including Bioresonance, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy, Oxygen-Therapies and Flower Essences Therapy, with BICOM Bioresonance Therapy as their main therapy method.

Their training in Bioresonance Therapy included intense training offered by Regumed, Germany, plus personal training from Sissi Karz and other teachers in the field of Bioresonance. Both Matthias and Rüdiger put great emphasis on the practical aspect of training; particularly learning how to achieve accurate test results by means of bio-energetic test methods, and then using the findings to create logical and effective therapies