Aerial flow Yoga Sunday workshops with Ilonka

19/01/2020 to 22/03/2020
An Diséart, Dingle, Co. Kerry
Ilonka / +353 877416947

The emphasis of the workshops is to help nurture body, mind and soul, stimulating ones own natural self healing powers through aerial flow yoga, breath focus, deep relaxation, sound and colour.

19. January

How about 'chilling' in a beautiful soft Hammock suspended only a few feet off the ground? Being cradled ,cocoooned in a soft satin cloth....

Or would you like to do some gentle moves and stretches with the help of gravity to relieve back strain ?

May be you'd even like to hang upside down to get the immediate benefits of spinal and joint decompression, resulting into natural realignment of the body. Or simply just increasing your range of motion and flexibility with less effort and strain. ...And practising advanced or challenging yoga postures with more ease and correct alignment.

Aerial Flow Yoga can make all this and more possible!

A total Body and Mind Workout! It combines classical Yoga with elements of Dance,Pilates and Acrobatics. The traditional movements are practised in a special aerial silk Fabric. This Hammock can hold 450Kg!

Particulary the benefits of Inversions in Yoga has been known for years. Inversions help stimulate and refresh the various systems in the body. Hence the rejuvenating effect ! The circulatory ,digestive and endocrine systems are all effected.

Futher Benefits of Aerial Yoga:

*Decompressing the spine while re-aligning the vertebrea-joints ,relieving pressure and creating space and balance. *Deep Relaxation through the effect of Gravity *Improving Balance ,sense of lightness and ease * Improving Strength while toning mucscles (also core) * Refreshing the systems of the body ,releasing hormones and revitalizing body, mind and Spirit * Having Fun in connection with Fitnness and Relaxation. It awakens your 'Inner Child'.