2019-2020 Medicine Spiral: The Foundation Training/Apprenticeship of the Healing Shaman in the Irish Lineage

20/09/2019 to 22/09/2019
8pm Friday - 4pm Sunday
ICSS, Dunderry Park, Co. Meath
Slí An Chroí / 01-670 4905

2019 - 2020 Medicine Spiral:

The Foundation Training/Apprenticeship of the Healing Shaman in the Irish Lineage
Starts Sept 20th -22nd & 3 more residential weekends
Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, Dunderry Park, Co. Meath

Now in its 14th year, The Medicine Spiral is a unique and outstanding shamanic training heritage. Grounded in the pre Celtic and Celtic lineage of natural mysticism and mythological cycles of Ireland, empirical research, fieldwork and continuity of living folk memory of ancient ways, the training is a profound and lasting foundation of personal healing and apprenticeship as a Caretaker of the Earth.

“Connection”...”belonging”...”aliveness”...”remembrance”...”groundedness”...”clarity”..“awakening”...”healing”...”living my truth”...”less stressed”...”soulful”...”I’m me, but more so”, these words are heard frequently from participants describing their emergence during and following The Medicine Spiral. And yet, many agree no words ultimately fully paint the elevated sense of life when one walks in the world as the Shaman walks. Often it is only the wild, free dance of the indigenous Spirit that illustrates to the world the strength and vitality of the man and woman who has “good medicine” in their heart.

Facilitators, husband and wife John Cantwell and Karen Ward, are long established education and health professionals in multiple modalities. Their work is visible in personal clinic practices, community outreach programmes, third level and other academic fora, corporate and NGO organisations, hospitals, hospice, addiction centres, festivals, pilgrimage, art, theatre and broadcast media. Both are speakers and writers, published in books and peer reviewed journals. Their passion is their native Irish identity and lineage as healing shamanic practitioners. They are deeply immersed in the archetypal energies of the island’s landscape and have travelled worldwide sharing the Irish tradition and co-operatively working with other shamanic cultures in North, Central and South America, Australia, Scandanavia, Wales, Scotland, England and continental Europe.

In the heart of The Medicine Spiral is the tradition of the mála naofa or the shaman’s healing medicine bundle. The spine of the training is Na Deasghnátha, the Rites of the Shaman in the Irish lineage. These ancient technologies for activating innate seeds within the human to rise as healer of Self and healer in the World are timeless. Nature and the natural world is the setting for the revelatory experiences of the training and each person grows in unique grace and authenticity. The residential Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies at Dunderry Park in County Meath is the perfect location for this odyssey.

It is a cherished privilege for John and Karen to facilitate this epic voyage deeper to the centre of yourself, one that will deliver on the promise of substantial mind, body, Spirit empowerment and wisdom, awakening your inner teacher while you access the tools, techniques, ceremonies and rituals of the Shaman. We begin on Friday, September 20th (7pm) – Sunday, September 22nd(4pm). Please telephone or e mail to express interest or share your questions. We will send you a Booking Form and let you see the range of comfortable, flexible payment plans. Comprehensive preparation information will be e mailed in the weeks before the training begins. It is lore that the Irish tradition of the Shaman had to enter the Earth for safekeeping underground for many, many centuries. We live in a truly extraordinary lifetime that is witnessing the return of this tradition high and visible above ground once again. There is substantial meaning and calling for those who touch the Earth and rise as Shaman, now.


2019-2020 Medicine Spiral.

Weekend 1: “North Direction”, September 20th-22nd, 2019.
Weekend 2: “East Direction”, November 22nd-24th, 2019.
Weekend 3: “South Direction”, February 7th-9th, 2020.
Weekend 4: “West Direction”, April 3rd-5th, 2020.

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