2017-2018 "Medicine Spiral", Shamanic Training in the Irish Tradition

15/09/2017 to 15/04/2018
Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, Dunderry Park, Dunderry, Co. Meath
John Cantwell & Karen Ward / 01-670 4905
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The North, East, South and West weekends of the Medicine Spiral are an integral healing shamanic training in the Irish lineage, informed by Pre Celtic and Celtic heritage.  It is a contemporary manifestation of the mythic Mála Naofa or Corr Builg ("the shaman's healing medicine bundle"), one that is powerfully yours. Every September for the last twelve years in the secluded, rural retreat of Dunderry Park, (Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies), begins the deepest holistic journey of The Medicine Spiral. Left for us to follow by our Ancestors, the four directions of the training, North, East, South and West are profound unique stepping stones of insight, healing and empowerment. In the sanctuary of nature and timeless wisdom teachings, we are free to take a unique, personal voyage into lasting renewal and vision. Karen and John would like to extend the opportunity to you to make a booking that will guarantee your place. For reasons of optimum participation and mentorship, we choose to create a limited number of places.

Am I open to visioning and living from my fullest, free potential?
Am I open to mastery of the fundamental powers of love and wisdom in my life?
Am I prepared to explore who I am and who are we as a species, truly?
As humans, what are we?
What are we here on earth to do?
What revelations await us as we close separation between ourselves and the living energy systems of the natural world?
Am I open to restoring my indigenous spirit by walking a conscious Ancestral Irish path grown from the wisdom of those who have lived before us?
Can we embrace that new self, that learns to live beyond fear, courageously bringing expression of our authenticity, beyond limitation nor conditioning?
Can we embrace a lighter self, that is no longer defined by biographical wounds and traumas?
What can we achieve when equipped with effective resources, tools and strategies to navigate the vagaries of life without losing balance?
If we were given the means to autonomously take control of our lives and learn the ropes for greater mind, body and spiritual health, who would we become?
Are we ready for personal change and to see those changes as being a critical, initial step for global change?
Is there an inner calling to come forward as a “caretaker of the earth”, to live a life which both heals the planet and ourselves, simultaneously?
How would our experience of daily living expand, when we consciously begin living a life of destiny, a life chosen by us rather than for us?
Can we claim our birthright to know love, compassion and ecstasy as core experiences of being alive?
Are we ready to “come home to ourselves”, to accept lost or stolen parts of ourselves and retrieve from a real and ancient memory, our original wholeness and belonging?
Are we called to find personal alignment with the deepest shifts in our universal world that are already evident?

To the these quests and invitations, the healing shaman answers “Yes” or “Let me go there boldly and find out”

That indigenous road of discovery and realisation on this island is The Medicine Spiral of our Pre Celtic and Celtic lineage. The Spiral is a timeless and relevant map for a journey that no one can take for us, we can only take it courageously and purposefully ourselves. There is tremendous support and mentoring built into the wise pathways of The Medicine Spiral. You are gifted sacred awakenings from the Deasghnátha-"Rites of Initiation",
a direct legacy of the shamanic heritage of Ireland.

“Connection”...”belonging”...”aliveness”...”remembrance”...”groundedness”...”clarity”..“awakening”...”healing”...”living my truth”...”less stressed”...”soulful”...”I’m me, but moreso”, these words are heard frequently from participants describing theiremergence during and following The Medicine Spiral. And yet, many agree nowords ultimately fully paint the elevated sense of life when one walks in theworld as the shaman walks. Often it is only the wild, free dance of theindigenous Spirit that illustrates to the world the strength and vitality of the man and woman who has “good medicine” in their heart.

If you too are answering the above questions with a “Yes” or “Let me go there boldly and find out”, we are dedicated to holding the space for your Medicine Spiral journey. It is our privilege to facilitate this epic voyage deeper to the centre of yourself, one that will deliver on the promise of substantial mind, body, Spirit development. We begin on Friday, September 15th (7pm) – Sunday, September 17th (4pm). We have considerable experience of knowing the urge to undertake The Medicine Spiral may not feel timely in relation to financial abundance. We always serve the sacred timing of deep knowing in the heart and we have a wide range of comfortable, flexible payment plans, should you require one.

Weekend 1: “North Direction”, September 15th-17th, 2017.
Weekend 2: “East Direction”, November 17th-19th, 2017.
Weekend 3: “South Direction”, February 9th-11th, 2018.
Weekend 4: “West Direction”, April 13th-15th, 2018.

Booking Fee: €195
Each Weekend: €360, (covers all tuition, ceremonies, rituals, resources, full board in comfortable shared room accomodation)

A tuatha ("tribe") of warm hearted men and women is already forming for September 15th and we would be delighted to include you, should you hear the call from within. If you feel committing to the four weekends is premature at
this time, know that we are happy to include you in the first weekend and after reflection of your experience there, you are welcome to make a decision to continue through to the following weekends. The community that builds over the four weekends of training is always strong and long lasting. Your training community offers the prospect of being in circle with like-souled people in the true friendship principle of the anamcara ("soul friend"). A
place in the circle awaits you.

Le brí na taise, (“with the energy of compassion”),

John and Karen.

Here are some words from those who have taken The Medicine Spiral in previous years:

“Thank you for the work you have together put in to reassert the indigenous spirituality of the island of five kingdoms, as Peter Tremayne calls it ...There is so much that I enjoyed and admired about The Medicine Spiral
programme/course that I could go on for hours...”

“Firstly thank you for a beautiful Medicine Spiral. It was so much more than I could have ever expected and I know that I will be referring back to my notes and exercises (and of course my mála!) on a regular basis to go
deeper into the teachings.”

“The best advice I can give of my experience is that you also make this your experience, your creation. The Medicine Spiral is an amazing journey. One of the best aspects for me was meeting so many amazing & like-minded
people. So enjoy the company & have fun! PS John Karen are wonderful!”


“Dunderry is an incredibly special place so really allow yourself to be here. You can only have one first Sli an Chroi Medicine Spiral and this is yours .... make a commitment to yourself right now to just do it and bring
yourself fully into it ....... heart and soul..........and enjoy it !”


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