by William Fulford

I am chopping carrots at home and the knife slips - there is a small searing pain. Blood drips, I bandage the wound, and the bleeding stops. A few days later, the cut is just a thin line. We heal ourselves.

by Karen Frances McCarthy

People are usually curious about or uncomfortable with my choice to sit with the dying.

by Benig Mauger

‘James lost his father as a small boy. A creative man, he has a tendency to drift and cannot seem to settle down. Daniel is a poet struggling with his sexual identity, whilst Isabel is a woman in love who despairs about her relationships.

by O.R. Melling

As more and more crimson-robed monks piled into the jeep, squashing me into a corner against the window, I began to wonder if we might go for a Guinness World Record. It was early in the morning, about half-seven, but the Indian sun was already heating up despite the fact it was winter time.

by Network Magazine

Patrick Holford is a world-famous nutritionist and author of over 30 books, including the best-selling ‘Optimum Nutrition Bible’ and ‘Optimum Nutrition for the Mind’. Patrick’s books have sold over a million copies worldwide.

by Therese O'Driscoll

“To touch the coarse skin of a tree is thus, at the same time to experience one’s own tactility, to feel oneself touched by the tree.