by Catherine Dowling

Emotions add flavor to life.  Emotions like joy, passion, love or contentment enrich our days, while anger and fear act as warning signals telling us when to be wary, when to protect ourselves.  Emotions can be our guides when crucial decisions have to be made and most of all, emotions are the gl

by Sinéad Lynch

Tousled hair, red faced and glowing in perspiration; the signs of a good work out at boot camp. I feel energised, enthusiastic and euphoric!

by Judith Ashton

In 1977 I was in my twenties, living in London, and searching for deeper meaning in my life. I had the great good fortune to meet an inspiring woman, Gerda Boyesen, and that meeting changed my life and opened me up to seeing the world and myself in a completely new and exciting way.

by Lorraine Murray

Mindfulness Meditation is an increasingly popular topic in education and parenting sectors of the community.  Whilst it was originally thought that meditation belonged to the few who were prepared to spend hours in silence, times are changing and children around the world and being taught this po

by Benig Mauger

“It is...only in the state of complete abandonment and loneliness that we experience the helpful powers of our own natures” - C.G. Jung

by Karen Frances McCarthy

Seeing the spirits of the dearly departed didn’t bode well for me living a normal childhood. While it felt entirely natural to me, my toddler conversations with long-dead relatives didn’t do much for my mother’s nerves, and my introversion didn’t win me many friends.