by Peter Devlin

The barnacle geese fly over gracefully in perfect symmetry, calling out to each other as they go. The winter sun is peeping through the early afternoon clouded sky.

by Liz Gleeson

This is an abbreviation of a paper (lit review) that I wrote in 2015 as partial fulfilment of my MSc Bereavement Studies.

by Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman, OSB

In 1936 my mother came over to Ireland on the Cunard Line from America. Everybody in America knew that Edward VIII, King of England, was having an affair with Mrs Wallace Simpson. It was all over the tabloid newspapers, with incriminating photographs of the pair.

by Caitlín Matthews

Finding lost things and people has been a central and very real skill of seers, whose visions enabled the finding of lost objects, drowned bodies, lost children or stray animals.  We have an example of the discovery of a thief from the Life of Saint Columcille, abbot of Iona.  He called upon two

by Network

A pioneer in endurance training and biofeedback, and an internationally recognized expert on health and nutrition, Dr. Phil Maffetone has 40 years’ experience working with professional athletes as Olympic medalists, as well as with people from all walks of life.


by Catherine Dowling

Emotions add flavor to life.  Emotions like joy, passion, love or contentment enrich our days, while anger and fear act as warning signals telling us when to be wary, when to protect ourselves.  Emotions can be our guides when crucial decisions have to be made and most of all, emotions are the gl