by Alan White

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive that is you-er than you” – Dr Seuss.

by Daren Drysdale, PhD

“What is biofeedback? I’ve been diagnosed with _____?, will it help?”

I’ve heard this, or a version of this, many times. “I’ve read a few things about it on the web but I didn’t get a handle on it.” declares a client on the phone.

by Wayne Hamilton

This article is based on my recent dissertation on the topic of Psychosynthesis psychotherapy and its application and place in the Irish context.

by Clare R. Johnson, PhD

Everyone in the world has had a nightmare.

by Geoff Fitzpatrick

I've always liked the notion that the world we experience 'outside' is completely interconnected to the state of consciousness we have cultivated 'inside'.

by Judith Hoad

This is my fourth visit, over seven years to the Andean part of Bolivia. Each time I stay for many weeks, this time for six months. It was on my first visit that I encountered the concept of ‘ayllu’, which is pronounced ‘eye-you’.