Irish Pilgrimage Walk St. - Brigid's Way

Beneath Ireland’s modern facade lies a deeply rooted connection with both the cycles of the natural world and with the spiritual world. Stone circles, dolmens, barrows, and cairns cover the countryside and mark the places where the spiritual energies of the land are stronger and more easily accessed. The sacred journey or pilgrimage allows each of us to awaken to our innate knowledge of and appreciation for the Divine Presence within the landscape. When we approach the sacred earth as pilgrims in an open hearted way we contact the ancient perennial wisdom held within these places. This also allows us to connect with our own ancient spiritual knowledge and learn in an experiential way that all life is connected and that we are part of an unbroken web of life. As pilgrims we allow the energies of each place to pass through us and so each person is offered the potential for deep healing and transformation while walking through the countryside in a conscious way.

Why this pilgrimage route at this time?

As with many wonderful ideas they seem to just arrive mysteriously. Karen Ward and Dolores Whelan attended a lecture given by Anthony Murphy (co-author with Richard Moore of ‘Island of the Setting Sun’) He spoke about the ancient alignment between the holy well on Faughart Hill in County Louth with the Curragh of Kildare, the two primary locations of worship to Brigid in Ireland. Anthony spoke of the Brigid alignment as an axis of ancient sites that appears to connect Faughart with Kildare. For him this was tremendously exciting because it runs through some of the primary sites of ancient Ireland including the Hill of Slane, the Hill of Tara, Mount Oriel, Beauparc Motte , Realtoge Moated site and ends very close to a ringfort in the Curragh of Kildare. This alignment of sacred sites reflects the Cygnus (Swan) constellation which was prominent in the skies at the time of Brigid’s birth in 5th Century AD and is described in ‘Island of the Setting Sun’.

Over the years Dolores and Karen have had many experiences of the sacredness of the land, both in Ireland and other countries, and realised that something very important was unfolding before their eyes. Anthony’s insights suggested the idea of a pilgrimage which linked two of the most prominent places of Brigid devotion. For Karen and Dolores this was both challenging and exciting.

This initiative was inspired by a strong desire in Karen and Dolores to revive the ancient art of pilgrimage, which was such a central part of the indigenous tradition of this land. Remembering and reactivating this pilgrimage way will encourage people to reconnect with the sacredness of the land of Ireland. Walking Brigid’s Way has the capacity to awaken people to the consciousness of Brigid, who in all her different forms, Goddess, pre- Reformation Saint and wise woman represents the divine feminine within the traditions of this land and belongs to the whole population of this country.

Brigid remains, in all her forms, an inspiration for people in these changing times. This pilgrimage will allow participants to slow down the pace of life by walking through beautiful rural villages and towns and countryside and find that place of deep inner peace.

About the author: 

Dolores Whelan has facilitated workshops and retreats in Celtic Spirituality and personal empowerment for over 25years .She leads pilgrimages to the sacred places in Ireland and Iona Scotland.  She has written extensively on education, creativity and Celtic Spirituality .Her most recent book is ‘Ever Ancient Ever New: Celtic spirituality in 21st century’. She created a CD, ‘A Journey through the Celtic Year’, which explores the wisdom of the Celtic tradition though the Celtic Year calendar and co created a perpetual Celtic calendar with US artist, the late Cynthai Matyi.

We are delighted to announce that this years Brigid’s Way 9 day Pilgrimage from Faughart to Kildare will take place from the 1st to the 9th of July (incl). see event details here.

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