by Neal Traynor

Stress. Even reading the word ‘Stress’ can trigger a stress response in us. When we see the word on some level we begin to think about our own stress and whether or not we are managing it.

by Jody Mountain

There was a moment, about 20 years ago, where I wavered in what I now know was a crucial decision. By a hair’s breadth, I chose the direction most unknown and the one that changed my life forever.

by Aine O'Beirne

Meetings with Ivor

by Network

Walking to meet Ivor Browne on a sunny morning in Milltown in Dublin, I’m reminded of the old TV game show Supermarket Sweep. I can empathise with the frantic families and their predicament of navigating seemingly infinite aisles of goodies with very limited trolley space.

by Dr. Tony Humphreys

If you were given a newborn infant with all his or her amazing potential and were instructed to turn that baby into a violent teenager or a self-harmer or a drug or alcohol addict or a perfectionist or people-pleaser or paranoid that people wanted him or her dead, how would you accomplish any of

by in conversation with Mary O'Callaghan

When I started to think about mindfulness and relationships, one of the things that I reflected on was the Buddha’s understanding of relationships.