Here's all the information you should need to know about using Network to help promote your work - if you have any other other questions, please email [email protected]

Online advertising for events: €65
Online advertising for practice / product: €45
Next deadline for monthly mailout: Tuesday 31st March

What we do:

First and foremost, we can help you reach a wider audience.

We can help promote your work on, through our monthly emails to subscribers, and on social media.

For 30 years Network has been a cost effective way to reach out to the Irish holistic health community. We offer you ways to connect with an ever-growing community of people interested in mental health, spirituality, and physical and psychological well-being.


What you get:

If you are running an event, we will do the following:

1) Add your event to our online calendar at
2) Include your event in our monthly mailout
3) Promote your event on social media

Let's see how each of these look, and some of the benefits for you:

1: Add your event to our online calendar

We will host details of your event on - the benefits of this are:

  • the event is visible to the visitors coming to (over 3000 per month)
  • the event will show up better in searches via Google and other search engines

Here's an example of an event - you can include videos, pictures, and a map as well as the basic event information:

Here's what happens when you Google 'Sand Mandala Ireland' - the event hosted on has the top result!

We can't promise #1 results for all searches, but the website ranks quite highly - test it out for yourself :-)


2. Add your event to our monthly mailout:

We will send out details of your event in our monthly mailout. The benefits of this are:

  • the mailout is delivered to over 6000 subscribers

This one is pretty self explanatory - we send out a big mail at the start of each month, filled with articles and upcoming events.

If you want to have a preview of how that looks you can click here or the picture below to have a read of a recent mailout:


3. Promote your event on social media

Our Facebook page has a community of over 4500 - we will let them know abour your event:

The benefits of this are:

  • another way to let people know about your event
  • a good way to drive traffic to your own Facebook / social media pages (we also publish these on Twitter)
  • we 'boost' the post on Facebook so your event details will be shown to our audience, and also people linked to our audience


What if I am not hosting an event?

If you wanted to promote your practice, or therapy centre, or book etc. then we can help with that.

We offer a similar service (without hosting event at for a reduced price. We will include your details in our monthly mailout, and we can promote your website / social network page on Facebook:



How much does it cost?

  • Our standard charge for promoting events is €65
  • For promoting your practice / centre / product (not a specific event) the cost is €45
  • We offer discounted rates for members of - email us for more information
  • We offer discounted / FOC promotion for charity events
  • We also offer options for on-site advertising (banner ads / inline ads - email us directly for more information)


Summary of information:

For €65 we will

1. Set up event on (over 3000 visitors per month)
2. Promote the event in our monthly mailout (6000 subscribers)
3. Promote the event on Facebook (4500 followers)

For €45 we will

1. Add details of your product / practice etc. to our monthly mailout (6000 subscribers)
2. Promote your produce / practice etc. on Facebook (4500 followers)

If you need something else

If you want to run a continued campaign over several months, or you are interested in on-site advertising (banner ads etc.) then let us know what you need and we will try to figure out the best plan for you!


How to book:

The booking process is straightforward - just email [email protected] and include:

Event details

If you already have the event details on your own site, or a Facebook event etc. then there is no need to replicate the info, just send us the link, otherwise we need:

  • event title
  • dates
  • contact name, phone number, email address
  • price
  • location of event
  • blurb / description of event
  • any video links (the video needs to be hosted elsewhere, ie, Youtube etc)
  • any images / poster that you want to display
  • links to website, facebook, etc.

If you want to promote your practice or product

Then just send on a short blurb (around 50 words) and a link to your Facebook page or website, and any images etc.

How to pay:

Once we have all your details, we will send you an invoice via Paypal. You can pay directly through Paypal using your credit / debit card.

If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer or by sending on a cheque, then let us know and we can send you the details.


Terms and Conditions:

Your ad should have a connection / be of genuine interest to the holistic health community in Ireland.
We reserve the right to refuse to promote your event.