Soul Empowerment Coach Training

06/05/2017 to 19/08/2017
Dublin city centre
Maria Lopez / 0868664508

What is 'SE Coaching'?

Make a new career or use as an add-on for your existing one, helping others to Heal, Improve and Empower themselves, their relationships and their lives. 'SE Coaching' is a healing modality that focuses on emotional intelligence and skills, spiritual awareness and patterns, energy sensitivity and healing and life coaching with 1-1 skills.

A Truly Gratifying Career and skillset for You!!!

'SE Coaching' will train you to help others to: Improve Relationships starting with the SELF, gain the understanding, skills and confidence to help, heal and empower others in the same way.

After successfully completing the One Year Diploma Course you will be accredited as a "Soul Empowerment Coach" with the skills Certified by FETAC at Level 6

Module 1: Emotional Intelligence

A person is emotionally intelligent when he/she is able to recognize, understand and manage their own emotions. Also, being able to recognize and understand the emotions of others. It is my personal experience, after working with thousands of people that we MUST have a healthy relationship to our own emotions. This is the only way we can experience harmony and ease with ourselves and others. Imagine a world without DRAMA!!! For me DRAMA is the inability to identify, communicate and own our emotions.

In this module we will explore the following topics:

  • What are emotions?
  • What is the difference between emotion and feeling?
  • What are projections and why we do it?
  • What is denial and why we do it?
  • Why we suppress our emotions?
  • Practicing the keys to emotional validation
  • Understanding emotions in childhood
  • Powerful techniques to guide your clients to become emotionallyintelligent.

Module 2: Spiritual Wounds

Spiritual Wounds are the unconscious patterns that keep repeating in our lives. These patterns will keep repeating until we learn the spiritual lesson.

In this module we will explore:

  • The spiritual lesson of Abandonment and Rejection
  • The spiritual lesson of Fear
  • The spiritual lesson of Control
  • The spiritual lesson of Separation
  • The spiritual lesson of Betrayal
  • Techniques to help your clients identify this patterns and how to learn the lesson they bring

Module 3: Energy Healing

It is my experience that when dealing with any personal issue it's important to have an intellectual understating, emotional awareness and how it affects our actions. I've learnt that just changing beliefs it's not enough, we also need to work and heal the spiritual energy behind the beliefs.

In this module we will explore:

  • What is energy healing?
  • The Energy system based on the Yogic Chakra system
  • Upgrading the chakra system into a Conscious framework (5th Dimensional awareness)
  • Understanding Soul purpose
  • Enhancing intuition awareness and practices

Module 4: 1 on 1 and coaching skills

  • The 1-1 and Coaching skills module aims to give you the confidence, training and inner authority to be able to develop your own 1-1 client practice.
  • Coaching will explore how to contract in with clients, set professional boundaries and lead the client towards their own healing and empowerment.

Some unique and powerful skills will be offered on this module that include:

  • Active Listening - Listening with the head, heart and gut and also to the energy behind the words
  • Validating - Learning to accompany the client whatever they present and not make them wrong
  • Immediacy - Pausing a conversation to direct the client to what is actually going on in the moment
  • Contracting - Setting prices, goals, timing etc.