Dawn Cartwright - Sacred Sexuality - How We Love - Wicklow

21/04/2017 to 23/04/2017
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Sacred Sexuality . How We Love
2-Nights of Tantric Bliss . Wicklow

Discover the sacredness of your sexuality.

In a beautiful private retreat in the wilds of the Wicklow mountains, you'll learn the many mysteries of Tantra, a path of the heart. You'll experience a full program of Tantric meditations, celebrations, techniques and practices. You'll discover Tantric keys to creating sacred, conscious, ecstatic, loving, empowering relationship with yourself, your sexuality, your heart and those you love. You'll explore ways of moving beyond the limits of your past as you break through to the love that lives as a spark inside you.

Everyone is welcome, this immersion is open to men and women, singles and couples. 

You'll also have plenty of free time for hill walking, tree listening, cozying up with a book, dunking in the river, brack & tea, or cuddling with a friend, too. You'll discover Tantric keys to creating sacred, conscious, ecstatic, loving, empowering relationship - with ourselves, our sexuality, our hearts, and the loves in our lives. We'll explore ways of moving beyond the limits of our past, bursting through into the limitless potential we all hold inside.

The sessions will be composed of dynamic meditations, Tantric Sutras, bio-energetic practices, relationship building tools, shamanic practices, women's circles, men's circles, jumping the fire, drumming, Tantric clearing practices, purification in the river, communication techniques, partner yoga, gentle movement exercises, sharing, laughing, celebrating and more - creating a Tantric field of transformation, Dawn-style. 

The lodge where we're staying is in one of the most beautiful and secluded parts of Wicklow. There will be time for booking private sessions with me as well. If you'd like to book a private session enter your request on the registration form and I'll confirm. 

We're very lucky to have intuitive cook Dorene Palmer of Divine Foods creating extraordinary meals in the kitchen. Dorene works with only the best live foods, organic produce, local cheese and organic breads to create wholesome, healthy, healing, out of this world orgasmic feasts. Through Divine Foods, Dorene teaches and counsels on proper nutrition that promotes good health and vitality. After a few days of Dorene's cooking, you'll be transformed. 

There may be a few magical visits from magical beings... many surprises in the works. Important to remember, once we get going, the mystery takes over. Rest assured, you'll go places you've always dreamed of... if you just let go. I can't wait to be with my longtime Irish family and welcome new family too. 

The Tantric Sutras . During this weekend in nature at the edge of summer, we'll explore the Tantric Sutras, keys to bringing more love onto the planet, one heart at a time. Tantra is an ancient path of meditation born out of a conversation between two lovers. 

Shiva and Devi, awestruck by love, composed 112 Sutras that give us the direct experience of the spontaneous moment by moment emergence of life as the union between them.

Devi is the cosmos. Shiva is that that knows her. Through our bodies, the ecstasies of this endless discovery are possible. Without their intimate joining, there is nothing. Perhaps this is why we love love so much. Love reveals to us that the Devi and Shiva are simultaneously one and distinct. When this happens, conception occurs in every part of our being. Union is revealed. And the cosmos lives as us.


A Day at Sacred Sexuality . How We Love 

Awaken to the soft morning light spilling over the mountains. 

8:30 am . Breakfast 
Home cooked porridge, crusty bread, local eggs, cheeses & jams. 

10:30 am . Morning Workshop Session 
The breath of ecstasy. Learning the mysteries of your body. The yoga of love and more. 

11:45 am . Tea Break 
As an American, when I first came to Ireland, I'd no tea at the workshops - not efficient! Takes too much time! Then, my god, the Irish would FIND tea somehow in the cupboards tea always appeared. Cup in my hand, I came to understand and love this important time of togetherness. Now tea is scheduled into all my programs herbal AND Barry's. 

12:00 pm . Morning Workshop Session Resumes 

1:00 pm . Lunch 
Blissfully inspired vegetarian delights. Savory soup. Delectable salads. Loving you from the inside out. 

2:00 pm . Private Session 
Private sessions are a way to explore sexuality, intimacy, meditation, and much more, through Tantra. Additional cost applies. 

3:00 pm . Private Session 
Sessions are designed to support you in accessing your full ecstatic potential through Tantra. Additional cost applies. 

4:30 pm . Afternoon Workshop Session 
Cultivate awareness. Explore your orgasmic potential. Discover a vertical reality. Discover the power that lies hidden in your heart. 

5:45 pm . Tea Break 

6:00 pm . Afternoon Workshop Session Resumes 

7:00 pm . Dinner 
A sensual feast. Exotic flavors. Savory nourishment. Dorene's cooking will enliven you. 

8:30 pm . Evening Workshop or Ritual 
Tantric love puja. Chakra massage. Sensual awakening ritual. Music. Mystical. Playful. Sensual. Family. 

Late Night 
Drifting off to bed to dream Tantric dreams. 



Nestled in the heart of Wicklow, this lovingly renovated lodge - built on the foundation and surrounded by the antique gardens of an old hunting lodge - is one of the most beautiful Centres I've experienced anywhere in the world. The house is cheerful, warm and cozy.

The forest has the most mystical trees and they are very much a involved with all the goings on in our sessions. The river is extraordinary . . . I go down for a dip each morning. There are mosses growing here that exist no where else in the world. Mucklaugh is a very, very special place, it will love you and remember you each time you arrive . . . it's already begun to call me back from California. 


Twin Rooms Ensuite 
All the ensuite bedrooms have two exceptionally comfy twin beds and breathtaking views the mountains rising out of the river gorge. Beds are specially designed to "zip" together for couples. Please note, there are 10 beds only. Book early to assure your place. Once the beds are filled . . . 


Cozy Sleeping Bag Dormitory 
In the gorgeous circular group room downstairs, panoramic views.  €15 per night reduction.


Off-Site Accommodation 
A list of possibilities is available upon request. €15 per night reduction.

Off-Site Accommodation Recommendation:  Tudor House B&B . Laragh

€375 Per Person . Vegetarian Meals & Twin Ensuite Lodging Included
€350 Per Person . Vegetarian Meals & Dormitory Lodging Included
€320 Per Person . Vegetarian Meals & Cozy Sleeping Bag Lodging Included
You can book online through this link