Ancient Lomi Lomi with Jody Mountain

17/05/2017 to 23/05/2017
Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat, Leitrim
Eva Lennox +353 87 680 7457

Ancient Lomi Lomi Ireland with Jody Mountain
May 17 - 23, 2017 (For new participants) / May 25 - 31, 2017 (For previous participants)

Experience this profound work in the wonder and magic of Ireland.  Opening new avenues of Life, Light and Spirit in the body / mind gives us ever-widening capacities for healing and to experience greater and greater vistas of Life Itself.  Very similar to the ancient Celts, the ancient, pre-Polynesian Hawaiians found their sense of self, community and spirituality as one with the land, with Nature and with Life Itself — inside of us and all around us.  This course will guide us into reconnecting with our innate and true foundations, and back to the essence of our being.  We will learn practices to ground this essence in every cell, releasing old programming and conditioning that tell us we are anything less than that.  From this place, in a new expanded foundation, we are able to transmit the profound healing of Ancient Lomi Lomi (Kahuna Bodywork).  We invite you into a powerful journey to the Heart of your Life!

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