Colds are a leading cause of missed days from work and school and most people succumb to at least one every winter. Colds and flu are caused by viruses, and using antibiotics to treat a viral infection doesn’t work.

by Lori Gavin

It is 8 am and I am standing in a street market in Quito, Ecuador watching a five year old run towards me with open arms. His skin is covered in a layer of dirt, his clothes are ripped and torn, his t-shirt a size too big, his pants a size too small.

by Angie Kinsella

Nature teaches us to accept ourselves just as we are

by Lisa Wimberger

It is a difficult pill to swallow when we are told our memories are only partly accurate. Memories are the anchor points of our own biography. They are the historical marks that put us at places in time with others, creating a web of interactions that hold together the story of who we are.

by Barbara Marx Hubbard

Conscious Evolution is a new worldview that can guide humanity toward a future equal to our spiritual, social, scientific, and technological capacities.

by Geoff Fitzpatrick

Having worked with mandalas for over 12 years one of the most remarkable things I have noticed is how they can change your state of being almost instantly. Often I will start creating a mandala in a quite fragmented frame of mind.