by Dolores Whelan

My spiritual and life journey has been shaped by many influences.

by Ira Rechtshaffer

In truth, moment by moment, we are confronted with the unknown. None of us knows what the next moment will bring. According to Buddhist psychology, with the arising of each moment we find ourselves momentarily uncertain and apprehensive, but these gaps are beneath our radar.

by Emily Duffy

How much of your personal life do you share online?

by Eilis Stanley
We enter all relationships with hope in our hearts and we leave some of them defeated, lost, and in a lot of emotional pain. No one moves in and out of this warrior path of living and loving among others without being strongly impacted.
by Lucy Pearce
Many women dread “that time of the month”. So do their partners and children. But did you know that PMS is unheard of in certain cultures? It is thought to be a direct consequence of Western lifestyles – and the demand for women to be always on the go.  
by Karen Ward
There are three absolute certainties in life – birth, change and death – and as human beings we seem to be terrified of all of them.