by Network Ireland

Here's a short and very insightful piece on travelling and coping with anxiety, sent into us by a Network reader, please share this with anyone you think might find it helpful!

by Network Ireland

In our everyday lives reminders that striving for perfection should be our number one priority surround us. The media perpetuates the myth that emotional and physical flawlessness is something that everyone should work towards and we are made feel ashamed by anything that looks or feels imperfect or ugly.

by Kate Curtis

Kate Curtis from Golden Spears Healing sent us in this short piece on the importance of approaching healing with a sense of genuine openness.

by Ruth Marshall
wise woman holistic weekend 2013

The Wise Woman Weekend is an annual festival for women, now in its ninth year. This years festival will take place June 7th - 9th at Gurteen College, near Rosscrea, Co Tipperary.

by Natasha Duffy

It’s a wee bit cold, a wee bit dull, and we’re all a wee bit broke - all of which can sometimes lead us to feeling a wee bit down!
Sadness and depression can take hold of many of us in our lifetimes and although it can be an inevitable part of our journey through life there are ways to manage its length, and whether it returns too often. I can’t speak as a professional but only as...

by Claire Mathews

In our latest issue we featured an amazing photograph of a beehive, sent in by one of our readers. Here Claire tells us about her colourful discovery, and her mission to find out how and why bees categorise colour in this way!