by Jody Mountain

There was a moment, about 20 years ago, where I wavered in what I now know was a crucial decision. By a hair’s breadth, I chose the direction most unknown and the one that changed my life forever.

by Aine O'Beirne

Meetings with Ivor

by Network

Walking to meet Ivor Browne on a sunny morning in Milltown in Dublin, I’m reminded of the old TV game show Supermarket Sweep. I can empathise with the frantic families and their predicament of navigating seemingly infinite aisles of goodies with very limited trolley space.

by Dr. Tony Humphreys

If you were given a newborn infant with all his or her amazing potential and were instructed to turn that baby into a violent teenager or a self-harmer or a drug or alcohol addict or a perfectionist or people-pleaser or paranoid that people wanted him or her dead, how would you accomplish any of

by in conversation with Mary O'Callaghan

When I started to think about mindfulness and relationships, one of the things that I reflected on was the Buddha’s understanding of relationships.

by Kevin Martin-Smith

In the summer of 2007, I was at a spirituality conference centered on the philosopher Ken Wilber’s work. At one point we were asked to split into quads, and for each person to answer a seemingly simple question: Why are you here?