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Network Ireland Features

by Stephen Jenkinson
I have worked and taught for two decades in the death trade. During most of that time I was lucky enough to know a blessing when I saw it. I sat with hundreds of dying people and their families and had the burdensome privilege of trying to help them die.
by Nikki Darrell
In this part of the world we mislaid some of our traditions (we did not lose them, but just forgot where we put them) and so we have often looked to our neighbours in other parts of the world to remind us of them.
by Michael Harding
In his new book,Hanging with the Elephant , writer Michael Harding is back in Leitrim in the north-west of Ireland. His wife has left for a six-week trip to Poland and he is alone for the first time since his illness two years earlier.
by Amanda Evans
For years we have been told that if we want to improve our lives, we need to change how we think. We should force ourselves to have positive thoughts and we will become happier. We should visualise our dream selves and we will enjoy increased success.
by by Stephen J. Costello, Ph.D.
Logotherapy is an internationally acknowledged and empirically based, meaning-centred, existential approach to psychotherapy. ‘Logos’ is here translated as ‘meaning’ or ‘spirit’ but understood in the non-religious sense.   
by Marike Peek
Do you remember the number pictures we made as a child? A seemingly random collection of dots all of the sudden made sense as connecting them turned them into a recognizable picture, maybe a bit wobbly or angular, but a picture nonetheless.