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  • The Healing Power of Horses
  • Equine Assisted Therapy
  • Prof. Jim Lucey on a new mental health culture
  • Prof. Harvey Wasserman on Ireland and emotions
  • John Lonergan on the potential to change
  • Ways to build resilience
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Being a clown
  • Philip Shepherd and the brain in the belly
  • Psychological Astrology
  • Working with shock and trauma
  • Art & Poetry
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by Network Magazine
With the Spirit of Folk festival entering its fourth year, we took the opportunity to catch up with some of the good folk involved this year.
by Ruth Marshall
All women are welcome to Glenstal Abbey this August to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Wise Woman Weekend. This is a very special gathering for women of all ages.
by Philip Shepherd
In Philip Shepherd’s book New Self, New World he posits that our sense of disconnection and anxiety stems from an underlying misconception of what it is to be human.
by Network
I was trained as a lawyer. I went into law because I liked school and I liked studying and it seemed like a way to build a good concrete profession from that.
by Chris Davala
The slow movements of the Tai Chi form helped me deal with a very stressful time in my life. Learning the Tai Chi postures correctly helped improve my physical complaints of joint pain and digestive discomfort and became an incentive for regular practice.
by Benig Mauger
It is common knowledge that we are shaped by our childhood experiences. Our first relationships teach us about life – and about love. It is during our formative years, when we are coming into being, that we lay down the foundations of our later life and relationships.