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Network Ireland Features

by Paul D'Alton
Mindfulness as an intervention began with John Kabat Zinn in the University of Massachusetts in the late 70s.
by Ruth Illingworth
The institution of marriage has existed across the world for at least ten millennia. The main purpose of marriage, for much of recorded history, has been to regulate the procreation of children and to provide economic and social bonds between families.  
by Martin Duffy
Some say Shamanism is the oldest healing tradition on the planet, with varying thoughts on how far it goes back. What we do know is that our ancient ancestors, through a need for survival, discovered a way of healing and a way of connecting to what was around them.
by Ger Moane
We often describe sexuality in terms of gay or straight or bi, as if these are fixed categories that are each very different from each other. But what exactly do these labels mean? Are gay and straight really the opposite of each other?
by Margaret Gray
Be the change that you wish to see in the world Mahatma Gandhi  
by Christophe Mouze
As creatures of the natural world, we have evolved under conditions of danger and scarcity. Humans are by instinct reward-seeking animals that discount the future in favour of immediate reward.